November 21, 2023 10:16 AM

    GMR Group - Manager - Strategic & Planning @ GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd

    DeFiGMR Hyderabad International Airport LtdHyderabad, Telangana, India

    Job Purpose

    To drive the Preparation, analysis and monitoring of Strategic Plan and Annual Operating Plan, Automation of key processes in order to enable management in decision making, ensure achievement of business targets as per Organizational strategy and Financial modeling, analysis and scenario evaluation

    To drive and support the strategic planning at DIAL through research, analysis and impactassessment and determine and execute key business initiatives in order to achieve time boundstrategic and operational goals.

    KEY Performance Indicat

    Lead Strategic Planning process & facilitate the Annual OperatingPlan (AOP) preparation for the company

    • Finalization of inputs forthe plan by November
    • In time preparation ofStrategic plan

    Support & participate in the CFTs to drive the Strategic initiativesand update Top Management on strategic initiatives through dataanalysis and alert on major developments

    • Regular S.I. meetings byCFTs
    • Number of CFT projectscompleted

    Strategy Deployment through PDMs for top management withfocus on KPI deployment and action points

    • PDMs for all the defi nedlevels and regular PDPRreview

    Lead & review quarterly environment scan, data analytics ontraffi c and revenue, impact analysis and research on latestdevelopment in international aviation industry

    • Number of new initiativesidentifi ed for implementation
    • Number of analysissubmitted

    Support in conducting eff ective business reviews and providinganalytic support to senior management in decision making

    • Pre-read beforeperformance review ofrespective functions.

    Special assignments (special time bound tasks from Senior management, Sector team and corporate team related to Policy matters, engagements with internal and external stakeholders etc)

    • Completion withindefi ned timelines
    • Support roll-out, implementation and sustainability for corporate initiatives at DIAL for e.g. Business Excellence, Sustainabilityreporting, Benchmarking, Business Continuity Plan etc.
    • Completion as per Plan

    Capability building for team members through training and reviewof their work on MIS, traffi c analysis, airport research andbenchmarking

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