November 21, 2023 2:10 PM

    Economist / Tokenomics Expert @ Impossible Cloud

    DeFiImpossible CloudHamburg, Hamburg, Germany


    Impossible Cloud represents the spirit of innovation and determination. Our cutting-edge cloud solutions help bridge the gap between web3 technology and mainstream B2B cloud use cases. We are eliminating frictions currently slowing web3 mass adoption and deliver key benefits like increased speed and security while optimizing costs.

    Impossible Cloud was founded by serial entrepreneurs who formerly built multiple unicorns. Our passionate team continuously researches and pushes the boundaries of distributed technologies. Impossible Cloud is backed by an all-star team of internationally renowned venture capital companies, and we are part of the Protocol Labs Network.

    Become part of something bigger: We’re committed to reinventing the internet, to push technological innovation and business determination to the next level. Join us on our journey to make the impossible possible.

    Who You Are

    We are seeking an economist or tokenomics expert who will build the foundation for the economic model powering an Impossible Cloud token. This role will primarily focus on defining and stress-testing the incentivization system, the supply model, the mechanisms to balance demand/supply, a dynamic unlocking scheme, and the economic model between the (initially) fiat-based cloud business structure and the token. You will contribute to the token whitepaper as well as the testing and executing of the strategy to progressively extend the use of the token to currently fiat-based ecosystem services. You will work closely with our team of product designers, marketers and developers, as well as our external partners and stakeholders. As a bonus, you value working together with us here in our Hamburg headquarters.

    What We Do

    Impossible Cloud is a B2B cloud platform focused on becoming the #1 cloud platform in Europe and beyond. Currently offering cloud object storage similar to AWS S3, we already see highly promising growth based on our channel-based GTM strategy. Building an entire suite of cloud products, we innovate the cloud sector by bridging the gap between decentralized infrastructure and mainstream B2B cloud use cases. The token will be launched with the goal of decentralizing cloud services - effectively creating a more efficient, secure, and transparent cloud computing market.

    Impossible Cloud was founded by serial entrepreneurs who have previously built a billion-euro tech company. They started Impossible Cloud, rethinking the future of the cloud with a decentralized approach to become the #1 cloud platform in Europe and beyond. This business model offers inherent advantages that you will help bring to life.

    What You Will Do

    • Tokenomics design: Develop and design the tokenomics model for the new token, considering factors such as distribution, utility, staking mechanisms, and incentives. Ensure that tokenomics and the implications are aligned with our business model
    • Economic modeling: Create economic models to simulate and analyze the potential impact of the tokenomics model on the ecosystem, user behavior, and overall business performance. Test these models using mathematical and statistical tools
    • Market research: Conduct comprehensive market research to identify trends, competitor token models, and industry best practices to inform the design of the tokenomics. Derive flaws and optimize these to our advantage
    • Collaboration: Educate internal and external stakeholders on the drivers of the tokenomics model. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including business development, product, marketing and legal, to develop optimal token results


    • Proven ability to both abstract economic concepts and translate them into practical models
    • Proven ability to simulate economic models using mathematical and statistical tools and methods
    • Proven ability to describe economic models in academic-grade writing
    • Passion and enthusiasm for the vision and mission of Impossible Cloud and the potential impact of decentralizing cloud services
    • Ideally, a Master's degree or PhD in economics or related field
    • [Bonus] Knowledge of the main token and DeFi economic models

    What we offer

    • Work with experienced, passionate, and supportive colleagues and cutting-edge technology
    • Great office in a trendy location, free healthy brain food, and subsidized premium gym membership
    • Monthly recurring, collaborative meetup weeks with cool team events
    • A flat hierarchy and a high level of trust and responsibility: everyone has at least one significant topic they own fully

    Our culture

    We are determined to win. We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build a future where everyone can contribute equally. In-person collaboration and communication are part of Impossible Cloud’s cultural identity, and we value working together regularly in our Hamburg Headquarters.

    The recruiting process

    • Please submit your LinkedIn Profile or CV together with the application form
    • Successful candidates are invited to a Kickoff call
    • We will then initiate a fast, lean remote and on-site interview process designed for the specific role and seniority
    • Within days, you could be part of the Impossible Cloud team!
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